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The Philanthropy Leaders Summit is in the heart of the historic bustling Downtown, home to esteemed casinos like the Downtown Grand, Golden Nugget Las Vegas, The D Casino & Hotel, and many more.

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If you want to see the Declaration of Independence or the Mona Lisa, look elsewhere. Las Vegas museums are all about cool stuff like the mob, casinos, atomic bombs, and sex. We sorted out the ones that rank among the strangest, weirdest, and just plain awesome.

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Forget about the Strip -- at least for now. Make your way downtown to Fremont Street, the tourist-driven destination that's all about classic neon marquees, and cocktails. It's a historic area of Las Vegas that's become a lot busier and more boisterous in recent years -- and in between the penny slots and street performers, there's plenty of cool stuff you'll want to check out.



No other area of Las Vegas has seen as much growth as Fremont East, the entertainment district east of Las Vegas Boulevard that now hosts almost two dozen restaurants. 

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